Hello dear 'tranquil readers'. 
My name is Charlotta and I usually carry on over at 'Space for Inspiration', however today I am here by (very flattering & kind) invitation as my dear hostess is off taking a juicy bite of the 'Big Apple'.

To reflect my somewhat nomadic and multi-cultural background (I am a 'serial country hopper'..) Kerry has asked that my guest post is written around the topic of 'global'.

To me 'global style' is more than reclining in your Italian sofa with a glass of French red wine, whilst gazing at your fabulous Swedish 'Mora Clock', and the African Juju hat you recently bought.


It doesn't even make you 'global' if you to do this in some far and remote country that you happen to live in, and you share this moment with your husband that you met in a country other than your own motherland.. Though this for sure is terribly nice, there is more to truly 'global style'..

Prince Charles making an attempt to be a 'global citizen' only isn't quite up there with the Jolie-Pitts..

Being truly 'global' means that you apply yourself to life and the world in a genuine, boundless & consistently effortless (but always meaningful) manner. It goes beyond 'feeling or seeming at home' everywhere. It means you actually 'belong' everywhere and that you see the world as one cohesive place as opposed to a collection of disparate locations. You would effortlessly speak several languages but not really think about which one happens to come out of your mouth because you care more about the conversation and the person you talk to than what language is spoken.

Now if you happen to be this kind of person, your home may very well be 'culturally eclectic' in your aesthetic style (Juju hat et al..) and you probably do spice it with an array of curious and unique pieces from around the world. You probably also enjoy a wide variety of exotic foods that you may very well be enjoying with a large and varied group of friends from all corners & walks of life - including your life partner that you met on one of your adventures. You don't live like this to build an image or to deliberately impress anyone. It's just a natural expression of who you are and your thirst for knowledge and life. In fact you are innately very laid back, unpretentious and very easy to get a long with.

No interior designer would have traveled the world for you. In fact your home will be filled with objects that have been discovered and acquired by you randomly and organically, without the influence of trends or external pressures. They will have connective substance and a deep personal meaning that go beyond the fact they happened to be found in rare and disparate locations. Actually the location itself doesn't really matter because you attach these objects to the 'experience' rather than to the 'place'. They are part of your life story - and what a fun story it is!

That's all from me folks, but before I go, may I please share with you THIS marvelous (!) - though completely unrelated - video of a child that clearly has the right approach to life..!! Affirmations done by a true pro people!!

Warm Swedish hugs* to all, and thank you again to our very own globetrotter for letting me rant here today. I hope you are having a ball out there in the world. We miss you lots and wait patiently here in your fabulous Tranquil Townhouse until you return.

xx Charlotta

* I am in fact Swedish.. I don't just hand out 'Swedish hugs' randomly..thought that too would be perfectly fine in my book.. :)