Sadly, my mom has gone home.  But while she was here we did some fabric shopping and I wanted to share a fun find.  The fabric - pictured below - (only $4.00 a yard, and the softest, flowiest cotton ever!) looks great with a pair of super comfy heels I recently purchased.  The fabric is destined to become a dress! 

In other news, we also bought this fabric we thought would look great for curtains in the office (see here & here for more office pictures).  I think the beige silk makes the room look too beige - even the wall colour looks beige - so I'm searching for something whiter.  But, alas, this fabric wasn't meant to be (too harsh and too skimpy), so it will have to reside in a closet until the right fit is found.  In the meantime, the search continues . . .

You win some and you lose some, right?