Finally: photos of the new fridge.   And, here is the whole story (click here for the first half - you'll note some overlap.  It isn't that gripping a story so without overlap there would be a need for filler).  

Our fridge just up & died (after painfully griping for more than a year - does your fridge heave and groan?)  I phoned around for service calls but learned this tidbit: Kenmore didn't actually produce appliances, they slapped their name on other brands.  So, various companies in town needed to know the model number in order to determine if they could even help (as many only serviced some of the fridges Kenmore re-branded).  I couldn't FIND the model number - I looked high & low.  In the end, I had to pay a Sears rep to come out.  Although the most expensive ($99 inspection), I had no choice.  What if I had just accidentally knocked something lose?  (Hubby was out of town).

Well, I paid $99 for the Sears rep to tell me the fridge compressor was dunzo. 

Our old, uninspiring fridge that possibly lead a longer life than us!

Lesson Learned: the model number was under the kick plate - never would have looked there on my own!

After searching high and low, I found a fridge I loved.  It is practical, pretty & affordable.  Plus, I shopped local and scored a deal hundreds of dollars sweeter than at the Home Depot.  The actual fridge was cheaper at a local store, plus Home Depot charges extra for delivery & removal - not the case where I purchased the fridge.  Yay!

So, here it is:

Kinda modern retro, right?

It is so pretty, we busted out the magnetic poetry kit!  (Didn't want to draw attention to the old one).  Plus, the living room view is sweeter too:

Another Lesson Learned: fridges are deeper now (as opposed to the 80s when our old fridge was born).  But although the depths are "standard," bring a measuring tape to the store.  This one is half an inch shallower than the rest, plus it doesn't have a handle - although it was labelled "standard depth".  These little differences mean we can actually open the door.  Yay!  Had I not been so careful, getting a snack from the fridge might have become much less fun.  Although - if I was willing to splurge on a high end appliance, I could find shallower fridges.