I wanted to (finally) share some pictures of two of the goodies I acquired this weekend, during my shopping splurge with my visiting mom.  To do that, I'm posting some pictures of my bookcase tweaking.  Because I'm a PhD student, my home office bookcase is used daily, so I find it tricky to "curate" it in a way that is still accessible and useful (you know how I hate inaccessible books).  On the other hand, it is pretty much the only thing I see from my desk and I grew weary of looking at a boring bookcase.  So I tackled it this weekend and here are the fruits of my labour:

The "Before":




I know, I know - not a huge difference.  But there are more notable pops of colour (mmmm, orange), the books have been grouped more by colour and I de-cluttered some of the messier areas.  I moved my grandpa's sculpture (to a better place) and added a vintage piece that adds a pop of colour. 

I turned this so more of the pretty colour shows

Here is one of my weekend finds that added some life to the shelves.  A vintage vase from Switzerland.  Don't really know anything about it, other than I like it!

Here's a second find: a vintage Hull pottery piece.  I purchased this from someone on kijiji.  The seller lives out of town, so they dropped it off to me.  But as soon as they pulled away, I saw a chip (the seller thought it was a firing flaw, but sadly it is not).  She's offered me a refund, but it is so perfect in the office . . . Don't know what to do.  Thoughts?

Grrr.  A chip.

So, that is my spruced up bookcase with two of my weekend finds (there's more!).  I am trying to incorporate more colour and pattern to brighten up and pull together the office.  Here is the other corner.  I love the light that my desk lamp casts when the sun hits it.  (Click here for more office photos).

P.S. This is my 200th post!