Because my hubby thinks washer fluid is an awesome gift, we don't exchange presents (although he has given me a few great gifts in the last decade, like a subscription to Domino magazine!).  It seems like a moot point to us now, though, because we collapsed our finances years ago.  It seems less "gift-y" when it comes from the same pot of money.  So, Valentine's Day?  Yawn. 

But even though I won't remember it is Valentine's Day on February 15th 14th, I enjoy these teeny, tiny decorative dishes, designed with Valentine's Day in mind.  I keep little dishes like this in a cupboard by the kitchen sink, in the bathroom vanity, etc., because I'm always doffing my wedding ring (soap is impossible to get out of it).

Lovebird bowl duo in teal
Lovebird Bowl Duo by Prince Design UK

I MISS YOU tiny text bowl by Paloma's Nest
Tiny Text Bowl by Paloma's Nest

Are you a little less boring than us?  Do you have fun plans or gifts planned?  Come on, let me live vicariously.

P.S.  Yes, I've been on etsy again.  Someone stop me.  If I actually order something it will break the seal and I'll go nuts.  Ebay and I had a similar relationship.  I had to quit cold turkey.