Gina, from the lovely Temporary Nest, tagged me!  She showed us the contents of her purse on Wednesday and now it is my turn.

Hubby found this way too enjoyable.  He wanted to hide my purse so I couldn't edit the contents (I didn't!) and also threatened to put embarassing contents within it.  Then he mocked me for stuffing my purse with kleenex.  Then he weighed it (5lbs!).  Lots of fun was had. 

I wanted to make this post somewhat "house-y," so below are a couple of pics of where our shoes and my purses live.  This closet had a horrible closet system from the 70s.  We ripped it out and realized this space was perfect for my shoe shelf (from Winner's).  Then we cut two premade MDF shelves to size and installed.  Someday I'll show the rest of our closet-y goodness . . .

But here is what Gina wanted to see.  I've been using this orange and brown Valentina bag.  It is super soft leather and made in Italy, but was a steal at Winner's.  I've had it for years.

I tend to cram books, my daytimer, snacks etc., into my purse but today this is what my purse contains:

Mittens knit by my grandma

My car keys & altoids

P.S. I used old nailpolish to mark my keys - a trick I picked
up from Real Simple magazine

My giant wallet plus my cell

My everything bag - a Clinique freebie
I keep all the random goodness in here, which makes switching
purses a breeze

I carry wet naps, hand lotion, bandaids, almonds, a pen, hair elastics,
kleenex, dental floss - even after bite . . .

Random pile of papers, post its & pens - told you I didn't edit

So, now it is my turn to pass this tag on . . . I invite these five lovely ladies (Gina tagged four other bloggers - is four the magic number?) to show us the goods.  I hope they won't mind sharing a peak inside their purses!