Remember I complained about the bathroom light fixture I picked under duress?  Well, we purchased a new one and things didn't go as planned, due to a lack of planning.  I'll explain.  (Click here if you haven't seen the bathroom in its 70s pink phase!)

So, if you recall, here's the bathroom:

Here's a manufacturer's picture of the light fixture:


Funny thing is, that light fixture was already my second attempt, as evidenced by the little note my dad (who did the switcheroo for us) left:

I had originally picked this one out, but it kept burning out the light bulbs and they were a special size the store I bought it from did not carry.  Bah.  


Third time's the charm, right?  So we took down the old fixture:

It is all ready to be moved to its new home: the half bath

We lived with a work lamp for a couple days while we waited for putty and paint to dry:

Super convenient, let me tell you

Hurriedly, we headed to the new Lowe's to pick a new fixture.  I was so excited because they have this system where you pick a fixture and the shade you like.  I love mix & match!  And look at the selection:

Ooo, ahhhh

We picked a fixture we like and that goes well in the bathroom because its not too modern, not too yawn-worthy.  We installed, no problem . . .

. . . but then we put the mirror back.  Crap.  Someone (me) was so excited they didn't measure.

Hubby didn't really see the problem

Not eager for a fourth attempt, we flipped them upside down.  Tell me: does it look weird???