male & female restroom signs by mooza - $38.50

sweater dress by WoosWassVintage - $85.89

sunshine poster by thewheatfield - $22

love letters by mooza - $55

bag by dottie angel - $68


am so looking forward to spring. Can you tell with my Etsy picks of the day? Floral, fun, vibrant, breezy... yes. Totally looking forward to it. It's the best time of the year in Florida! I love the bags above by Dottie Angel. If you haven't yet checked out her blog, you absolutely should. Get ready to swoon at all her lovely crafts and amazing home. Wish I had that kind of talent! And how about those restroom, male/female signs? Caaa-ute! My way of saying "cute" in a very excited fashion. : ) Love! The sweater dress? What??? Adore. Too bad Fla. is too hot for that, cause I just love it and would wear it everywhere! And how about that poster? Talk about a picker upper, eh?
So, tell me... how was your Tuesday? Anything uber exciting happen? : ) I had a nice, calm day. Those are always good and welcome. Here's to a happy, happy Wednesday tomorrow!
Happy Decorating!