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Sausage comes in a number of forms—from uncured fresh sausages like Italian pork sausage to cooked sausages like hot dogs. It can come in a casing made of intestine, a synthetic casing or no casing at all.

It can also come in sausage rolls—a popular European snack. Hibiscus, a restaurant in London’s Mayfair area, began offering what is likely the world’s most expensive sausage roll in late 2007. The roll was created by chef Claude Bosi, winner of two Michelin stars, who intended it to complement his Herefordshire suckling pig dish. After feasting upon a slice of roast suckling pig, Irish sea urchin, kohlrabi and fondant sweet potato, the diner is presented with a sausage roll made from the finest, acorn-fed pork and glazed with egg. The roll is served with a brown sauce made with truffle jus, almond oil and balsamic vinegar. The roll can be had for £20 or around US $33.

The UK’s most expensive sausage, on the other hand, was made with champagne and truffles and also sold for £20.

Of course, neither of those hold a candle to the most expensive sausages in the world—everyday hot dogs sold in Sweden by the United Nations Development Programme’s Nordic Office for a fantastic price of 999 Swedish kronor or around US $130.

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