RED – Roy G. Biv style Part 1

Rocking saturated Strait-From-the-Tube color in Mid-Century and Modern decor

The red lipstick catches our attention, the red dress – Whoa! Damn sexy. There is something about red that is too sexy. It cannot be ignored.

The red fruit is succulent, juicy. The stop sign and stop light signal danger. The bull, enraged by the red matador’s cape, lowers his head, points his horns at the matador, and charges. Detectives analyze it. Sexed up vampires drink it. Valentine's day reminds us red is a human heart, romance, love.

Red effects us, infects us. It stimulates our nervous systems, which can be exciting, invigorating, passionate – but it can also be hard to handle if you are trying to calm down after a punishing day at work, or trying to relax and sleep.

We’ve spidered the web to bring you the best we can find of Red décor. Saturated strait from the tube red is part of our Mid-Century inspired ModHome collection, and so it is fitting that today is sponsored by the color Red :).

Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton