thunder and lightning necklace by PoleStar - $57

pins by kortadoodle - $15

lightning notebooks by housefires - $5
lightning necklace by NoaSharonDesigns - $69
lightning bolt earrings by factorygirlashli - $10

honestly wanted to yell at the weather man today. I really did. Why the anger, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I was watching Oprah. Yes, Oprah. I got home a tad early. The boss told us to take off a bit early to beat out the "massive" storm that was underway. So, I was happy to make it home on time for Lady O. I'm sitting in front of the tube. I'm ready to turn off my brain cells and just veg out in front of the the tv. I knoooow a storm is coming. Everyone knows a storm is coming. The sky is black, the wind is screeching, the trees and plants are having seizures, the dogs are howling, the cows are pacing, the stacks of hay are parading back and forth... We know Mr. Weather Man... thank you very much. But nooooooooo.... Mr. Weather Man has to interrupt my time with Lady O to tell me alllll about this storm that is coming to eat us all alive in about 5 minutes. Except it takes him 1 entire hour to tell us. So, I miss the entire Oprah show. {sigh}. No biggie. I took it as a sign. A sign that I should enjoy the storm. Be grateful for the rain. Bask in it. Place our dying inside plants outside to get some much needed rain water and choose tonight's Etsy picks based on our torrential storm. : ) So! I hope you enjoyed the thunder and lightning themed picks. I think they're A-dorable, don't you?? I love those little pins! And how about those notebooks?? Cute, cute, cute!!! Well, yesterday I told you that I would continue my recap of the Summit throughout the week. So, I will share some more pictures and information with you today and again tomorow and Wednesday and so forth. So... here we go! By the way... The Alt's blog has gathered some blogs' recaps links here that you can check out as well. Okay! So... I listened in on a class called "Growing Your Community." Read carefully fellow new and seasoned bloggers... this will interest you. I learned some interesting and helpful hints. This panel was comprised of Danielle of The Jealous Curator, Jenny of Little Green Notebook, Meg of A Practical Wedding, and Bryden of Babble. Here were some of their tips:
  • Communities grow over time. Treat your readers like a community. Find out where similar readers are and hang out there (as in other blogs).
  • Post regular content. Write daily. Be unapologetic & unique about your message.
  • Use surveys to show your readers what your blog community looks like. They're interested to know!
  • Set goals for your blog!
  • Consider blog rolls. The more link love you give, the more link love you get back.
  • Network with bigger bloggers. Comment on their blogs, but make meaningful comments that they will notice.
  • Read blogs similar to yours and seek to be inspired by them.
  • Scratch the itch of your reader or they'll go elsewhere!
  • Add personal content! Readers love to know who you are!
  • Consider being a guest blogger and invite a guest writer on to your blog.

I sure hope these pointers help you guys out. I know they helped me out for sure. Some I've thought about before and have already done, some I haven't. So, it was definitely worth sitting in on.

Lastly, I leave you with some wonderful pictures sent to me by the lovely Jessica Peterson. Jessica is a fabulous and talented photographer based out of Salt Lake City. She was our awesome guide during out Alt Summit Photo Tour on Saturday and she snapped these pictures (except for the group picture, of course... cause she's in it!! She's the lovely gal in the center with the red hair that I'm seriously jealous of!!). Check out her awesome blog here!

Happy Decorating!