M All photographs courtesy of Elle Decor

ixing styles is something I love to do. That's probably why I feature Mid-Century Monday and Bohemian Wednesday. Frankly, I love both styles and can't make up my mind. So, I just mix them and it seems to work surprisingly well! While browsing the Elle Decor image files, I found some inspiring rooms that mix the two styles seamlessly. It's good to know I'm not the only boho/mid-century mix fan out there! I hope you find as much inspiration in these images as I did. : ) How are your decorating goals for 2011 going so far? Remember my goal to have an herb garden? Well, I've started on my quest! I got an herb garden kit yesterday and will put it together this coming weekend. Wish me luck! I'm desperately trying to keep our only plant alive. Its looking preeetty pathetic lately. So, my early sympathies go out to my upcoming herbs. : ( Yikes! Based on my plant track record, I'm afraid their odds of living a long, healthy life are pretty dim. I'll try my very best!
Well, hopefully everyone's Monday went well. I had a great day! Productive. Unfortunately, I'm fighting off a pretty bad headache. : ( I think the rainy weather around here hasn't helped my cause either. Although, hopefully... it helped our dying plant (which I lovingly placed outside this morning for it to get some sun and rain water). Wishing all of you a wonderful week! Until tomorrow kiddies! : )
Happy Decorating!