Lee works in the digital world of EMI Music and shares his place with three other people. His room is surprisingly bare with only a handful of items including his guitar he bought in Austin Texas when he was at the SXSW festival back in 2004.
When I asked Lee what would he’d save if his room were on fire, he immediately replied “Myself, I haven’t got anything else that I’d want to save.” But then he thought for a bit and said, “Well, I would save one thing but I’ve left it at my Girlfriend’s house in Wakefield. I told her about this song that I really like by a guy called A Gun Rack? It’s called The Great Octopus. I’ve seen him perform it, but it’s never been recorded, so unfortunately I didn’t own it until Christmas when she got me a copy by writing to him and asking for one. He actually had to record the song especially for me because he hadn't done it. I was so chuffed. He even painted me a little picture of an Octopus on the sleeve. Ha, so if it was here, I’d definitely save that.”

Find Lee on Twitter @leeshelton1085