. . . plus a fever.  I caught a cold.  Blargh.  I usually rely on my jumbo bottle of Coldfx from Costco to keep me cold-free, but I thought my sniffles yesterday were allergy related so I didn't take any!  Must remember to take one a day, like the bottle says!  I read, but I don't heed.  So, today's plan:

Use all the Kleenex in the house.  Including those from my fancy new brushed silver Kleenex box:

You already saw it here, in my "evolution of a power room" post

Eat the entire banana bread I baked last night (when I wasn't so foggy headed.  Today I wouldn't trust myself not to forget the bananas):

I baked because a friend was coming over, but I told her to stay away . . .

My Banana Bread Tip:
I'm sure everyone has a well-loved banana recipe, but here's a neat tip.  If you're ever short a banana (my recipe calls for two, but sometimes I only have one neglected banana) throw in some shredded apple.  I dice mine in my mini-food processor and toss it in with the banana.  Makes the bread a touch softer!  Yum.  Snack time.  Then nap time.