This week was fire-focused, on account of the fire across the street.  I blogged about go-bags, escape routes, & smoke detectors, plus how to prevent fire in the first place.  Definitely not an exhaustive account, but a good start. 

So the question is: did I take action to be more firesafe (& fire prepared) this week?  Well, between listening to She & Him repeatedly . . .

. . . continuing to admire the green chair . . .

. . . working on my exams, of course . . .

. . . and also deciding if I want to keep these washcloths I bought at Winner's . . .

9 for $8.00?  Yes please.
P.S. The blue is more teal in the real world

. . . I did start my go bag!  Well, I started a pile of stuff that will go in it.  Man, if I ever need this bag, I will be the shabbiest looking person around (I packed sweats and sweatshirts that are warm but ugly).  Bonus points for starting to put out some stuff for hubby's go bag too!

Laying out stuff for the go-bag

And I also:
  • Started photocopying important docs and identification (using my super giant ugly printer/copier in one)
  • Set off the smoke detectors accidentally (again) so I know they work!
  • Started an inventory of the home contents
I need to:
  • Finish the go bag
  • Finish inventory
  • Have a chat with our insurance company
  • Stop leaving the dishwasher running at night or when I'm not home
  • Start making lint elephants

How about you?