Fire Safety Week continues.  (See here for my post on Go Bags, here for tips on Fire Prevention (with pretty pics), and here for why this week is Fire Safety Week dans le townhouse). 

Every dweller should have an emergency escape plan.  Take a look around your home and map out:
  1. What is the main exit from your house?
  2. What are secondary exits?
  3. Can you get out of your home on every level?
  4. If you're in an apartment - what paths can you take to get out of the building?

It sounds silly but practise your various routes out of the house or apartment, especially tricky ones like shimmying out of a basement window.  Pretend the fire has started in different places to make sure you're covered for multiple scenarios.  You want to make sure your routes are realistic and practising is especially key for the little ones who might also dwell in your abode.  Try to keep your go bag near the main or secondary exits.  The handier it is, the more chance you have of being able to grab it as you dash.

Okay, you're out.  Now what?  In case your family is separated (or will be evacuating from different places), plan some places to meet:
  1. Somewhere close, like a neighbour's house across the street
  2. Somewhere farther in case there is an evacuation, like an Aunt's house in another city or town
Update your plan as required and try to go over it every few months so it is fresh in your mind. 

P.S. I make sure I'm fully dressed at all times.  There was a mild earthquake here in the summer so we all dashed from our homes and my neighbors got a good long look at my super skimpy lace tank top and yoga pants so tight, I'd previously split a seam.  All because I hadn't gotten around to finishing the process of donning clothes that day.  Nice.  Now I make sure that even if I'm wearing comfy clothes at home (as I always do!), I'm not wearing anything I wouldn't want my neighbors to see.