{photo credit: Mary Grace Fontenot}

ay!! 10Corners has arrived! Finally! I know I've been promising this new column for like what? 500 years now or something? I know. It's okay. It's here and it starts off fabulously with Mary Grace of White Waxflower. I asked Mary Grace to please be part of our 10Corners column and she graciously accepted. She sent over these 10Corners of her home and I drooled at each and every one. The boho chic aesthetic is so beautifully presented. I love it! I knew, judging by her beautiful blog (which I highly recommend you check out here), that they would be. When I asked Mary Grace what inspires her, she answered:
"My most consistent source of decor inspiration comes from movies and TV shows. Whenever I'm stuck and need inspiration, I pop in a movie that features beautiful, fun, or cute set design. Some of my favorites are Grey Gardens, Howards End, Julie & Julia, and The Dick Van Dyke show. I'm also very inspired by Anthropologie's aesthetic, as well as vintage magazines and ads. "
I love what she says about movie sets. Movie sets surely are a wonderful source of inspiration for a room. So next time, reach out for Netflix instead of that coffee table decor book!! : ) I will have more Alt 2011 recap info tomorrow and over the weekend. I figured it'd be too cofusing to continue mixing it in with regularly scheduled posts. So, I'll post them separately. I'll alert you when they are up on my Facebook and on Twitter. Have you joined me there yet? I hope you do! Until tomorrow beautiful readers...
Happy Decorating!