I often think about gathering the catalogs that clutter my mailbox and shipping them back where they came from. Just like the old Seinfeld episode when Kramer boycotts the post office. But! This week, the new West Elm catalog made me rethink that plan. The colors and patterns are wonderful, and I love the photos too!
So much cool stuff! The catalog feels so fresh and so fun. Much of that comes from West Elm's collaboration with outside designers and artists, (including several Etsy artists). In the spirit of collaboration, the West Elm site features some interesting articles written by artisans from around the world in the Hand/Eye section
I think I need these glasses! Another cool feature in the catalog and website is the list of recommended paint colors. Yeah! All of you who are scared of paint colors, go here and get some help:) Have I conveyed my excitement, well enough? West Elm, I'm sure you are holding your breath until you hear my opinion, so breathe easy now. Props, for a job well done!