Hello everyone! I'm so excited to share the goodies I found this past weekend. As I mentioned yesterday, I spent a weekend in Dallas, wandering and finding new and interesting things. Perhaps my favorite find was the shops of the lower Greenville area, along Henderson ave. They are a funky mix of vintage furniture and decorative accessories sourced from independent designers. They are so fresh! In fact, most of these shops have been in business less than two years.   
 Our first stop was Sputnik Modern. Although, not a large shop; its packed with very cool and original mid-century furnishings. Ahh, heaven for a vintage lover like me:) I think I loved most, the collection of leather chairs. Beautiful!

 I wish I could move in here. I'm sure they wouldn't mind, right?

 If, Sputnik does not have enough mod furniture for you; go across the street to their second shop called Form. Also, both of these stores can be found on 1st Dibs.
Next, we stopped at a very unique jewelry boutique called; The Shining.  All the intriguing pieces sold here are designed by independent jewelry designers. If you gotta have jewelry like no one else, this is your place. I would have liked to have taken everything there home with me.

 The showroom is very minimal and mostly white, but very welcoming.  Everything in it has such a beautiful texture.
 I'm crazy about these rings! Check out The Shining's blog, too
Finally, we stopped at We Are 1976. 
This is such a fun store! Its like taking everything that's great about Etsy and placing it in your favorite corner store. Again, the pieces here are made by smaller independent designers from around the world. There's more cool things in this place than I have time to describe.
If you are out "last minute" Christmas shopping, this is a great place to find unique gifts at great prices. P.S. be sure and stop at The Pearl Cup Espresso bar for a very delicious cup of coffee. Trust me, you won't regret it.