Lindsay is a Communications Assistant for Alfies Antique Market in London and has lived with her boyfriend in Holloway for just over a year.  But they are looking for pastures new as they are out growing their flat. She says he’s very tidy but she’s not. Every few months she has a clear out because she has a bit of an obsession for shopping - she loves a bargain and can’t resist a charity shop or jumble sale.
Lindsay studied Graphic Design and has a liking for children’s illustration, hence her penchant for the Girl and Boy pictures, also known as big eyed or wide-eyed pictures. She tells me dealers don’t generally bother with them, because they’re supposed to bring bad luck. And some believe they have been linked with many house fires. She said she’s not bothered though - so far so good.
Well, after a bit of research I think she’ll be pleased to know, that the whole folklore started after a story ‘The Curse of the Crying Boy’ was published in The Sun in 1985 – when a chip pan blaze struck, a house was almost burnt to the ground, but a picture of the Crying Boy remained unscathed.
Read on… So even if she was bothered, she's got nothing to worry about.
When I asked Lindsay what she would would save if her bedroom were on fire, funnily enough she said her boy, girl pictures. And, some pieces of jewellery that her Mum gave to her.