Reading Young House Love this morning, I learned that some buyers do a final walk through of the property they have purchased, prior to closing.  As first time home buyers, we didn’t know such a thing was possible.  Our buyer’s agent didn’t even suggest it (he was rather unenthusiastic to begin with).  But, armed with knowledge, next time I’m going to insist.  Because, without a final walkthrough, we inherited this:
Other than the worklamp, NONE of this was our stuff. 
Even the recycling bin came stuffed . . .

Click on pics to make 'em bigger. 
Makes my effort look more impressive ;)

They left a note, saying they just plum ran out of time.  So, instead of getting straight to work renovating, I wasted a morning bagging up their garbage, which included disgusting stuff I won’t even mention.  There was junk in the basement too, we just didn't have the energy to photograph it.  I was so angry.  This was just one of many annoying and selfish things the old owners had done (or, in this case, not done).  At least now I know. 
Next summer we are going to make the garage pretty!  We saved the counter from our kitchen for a work bench and will paint it some fun bright colour.  Hubby is pretty excited.
After three hours their crap was bagged and ready to go. 
They even left that chair.  Among unmentionables.