Last weekend, Mark and I spent our anniversary in Dallas. (Kid free!!) My husband is so sweet, that while there; he willingly wandered through countless galleries and furniture stores with me. Thank you, Sweetie:) Anyway, I stumbled upon PDNB Gallery  and found an exhibition of Frida Kahlo portraits taken by various photographers. Wow, I was so excited! Frida has been such an inspiration to me since I was a teenager. Aside, from our shared heritage; I always aspire to be as unique and bold as she was. My motto is, WWFD. (What Would Frida Do? For those of you too young to know what I'm talking about). The sad thing is, I have never had the pleasure of seeing her paintings in person! That's why this exhibition was a must-see.

Some of Frida's most iconic photos are part of this collection and some photos I have never seen before. They are worth stopping by to see. The exhibition closes on January 1, so don't miss it! If you can't see it, many of these photos are included in a book called I Will Never Forget You: Frida Kahlo and Nikolas Muray. Check it out here,  in my brand new bookstore! I'm very excited about it, so I hope you enjoy looking through it this compilation of my favorite books.
P.S. Tomorrow, I will share some of new favorite Dallas shops. Ooh, I found some great stuff!!!