Jen is an architectural project manager and a lover of ‘space.’ So, I was quite interested to know what her dream bedroom would be like. She said “Ultimately I’d love to build my own bedroom and make it my own.” And rather than describe what it would look like, she described the elements: Scandinavia, wood, calm, minimalist, and landscape. Which is interesting as I think her room now, reflects these ideas. But, in terms of location it couldn’t be further away - plonked in the heart of Hackney, in a modern new build. She says, “It’s important that my bedroom feels cosy, especially in a shared place, where the only space I can be completely relaxed is in my bedroom.”
I asked Jen, what would she save if her bedroom were on fire? She said, “As much stuff as possible? But realistically, I’d take my phone and hard-drive, jump on my bike and ride off in search of my new forest hide out.”