Our youngest daughter has returned home from Pennsylvania, and seems to be pretty thrilled with her newly redecorated bedroom.  Yea!!.  Let me show you around...
This view is courtesy of a thrifted floor lamp that I've mentioned before, as well as a groovy mid-century desk chair that Braxton brought home one day.  The blue painting is courtesy of our oldest daughter and is soo perfect in this room.

Here are the curtains and cityscape pillow we purchased at Tarjay, and the groovy fake (of course) zebra print fur throw on the bed purchased at TJ maxx.

The Yves Klein blue (in my estimation, anyway) panels Braxton and I painted.  The "mink" pillows were also purchased at TJm.

View of the groovy thrifted bookcase headboard.
And just for fun - a reminder of what the room looked like BEFORE the redecoration. 
At this point, daughter has moved all her own stuff into the room and every corner is filled with her books, music and other colorful things, and you know what -  that is exactly what the room needed.  It's now perfect.  Thanks SW - welcome home!