I hit the 'pay now' button yesterday. I probably do it more than I should, but I had been pondering this buying decision for a while and decided to take the plunge. Have a little splurge. Invest in my future.
I'm 53...there you go...I've said it! Don't look it though:) I've had an incredibly satisfying career in HR (and still do), along with a military career and the all important motherhood of course, but there comes a time when you need to think about different things...while there's still the time! 
I can't see myself giving up my day job for a while yet (there's still a pesky mortgage to pay off) but you can see from my desk that my worlds collide! One day I'll want to move from Canberra and do something else. And I'm incredibly interested in styling and photography....so I'm going here...Shannon Fricke's
...to do this...
I'm booked in for the 6th of May. Can't wait. And as they say...it's never too late. What are you looking forward to? And how do you invest in you?
Thank you once again for another lovely week of wonderful, funny and supportive comments. You're the best.