Less is more but not in Sarah’s case, her bedroom is brimming with brilliant bits. She is a writer and her eclectic style spills over into her work, which can be seen on her blog, The Enchanted Hunters. Sarah has lived in this shared flat in Stoke Newington for two years and weirdly enough had the exact same bedroom in the next-door flat for a few years before that.
I asked Sarah, “What would you save if your bedroom were on fire?” she immediately said, “My laptop, because everything is on it.” Then I said, “If you could grab something else what would it be?” She said she’d take some clothes. One dress that she wore to a wedding last year, a grey jumper with lots of silver sequins on it and this fantastic, vintage tunic style top, she got it some years ago from a charity shop for a fiver and has never worn it, but just loves the fabric, and it is amazing - a heavy brocade, with beautiful stitching.

Find Sarah on Twitter @sarahdrinkwater