Into year two, with still lots to do . . .

My husband and I bought a fixer-upper in 2009, a (potentially) cute townhouse we have lovingly called "The Townhouse Gallery"--more on why later.  We plan to live here only while I earn my PhD, so it is key that we get on with the fix-y part.  But time really flies when you're knee-deep in wood dust and broken tile.  In a year we have really turned things around but we are definitely not done.  I'm so happy to have baseboards, I've only recently begun to think about decorating!

I want to share our experiences, with the greedy and self-serving intention of getting some great advice and comments.  In exchange, I promise to chronicle our jounrney honestly, sharing some of the things we (unfortunately) learned by trial and error.  I love tips and strategies from anecdotal evidence and not theory.  As in, "in theory, this grout should be a perfect consistency if you follow the instructions to the letter".  I want to know what actually can happen.

First, something pretty . . .

I took this picture of our wedding flowers-also D.I.Y.ed

Main bath - yikes.

. . . Before things get ugly