Infinity Scarf by mojospastyle - $55

Sconce by Bohemian Vintage - $22

Ornaments by MyraMelinda - $7.99

Felt Headband by blueeyedfreckle - $20

Book Paper Wreath by SimpleJoyPaperie - $50

Fall is past us and Winter has finally made its arrival. Of course, judging by the 80 degree weather we are currently having in Florida, you wouldn't notice it. But, walking through a few retail shops and hearing nothing but Christmas jingles usually does the trick for us Floridians! Sad, I know. : ) Anywho... I'm having a bit of a crush on the light pink, gray and cream/white color palette. Especially for Winter time. It just reminds me of early morning and freshly fallen snow. Beautiful and peaceful. Now, you may not want to go out and re-do your entire home decor in these three hues, but you may be able to bring it in through a wreath (as pictured above) or even in your own everyday outfit! I hope you enjoy today's Etsy picks. And, hopefully everyone had a fantabulous Tuesday! Did you snag any good Cyber Monday deals? I wanted to buy everything under the sun! A GPS System, an I-Pod Touch, a flat screen TV, new clothes and boots, um... new.... everything! But... I decided to play it conservatively this holiday season. Yes. I'm going to stop buying for me, me, me and start looking around for the ones I love. : ) It is the season to give, after all. : ) We put up our tree last night, by the way! This isn't the best pic(reason why I need a better camera... stat!)... but here it is... ta da!

I didn't have a tree skirt, so I put a crochet throw instead. Looks pretty nifty with our boho-mid century look! Okay... time for bed now. I get up at 4:30 every morning, so I better get some zzzzzz time! Until tomorrow ladies & gents!

Happy Decorating!