What to do when staring at some aspect of your "home sweet home" day in and day out drives you to distraction, but a renovation is a distant goal?  Band-aid solutions (Also a good tip for renters)! 

Remember this tile? 


It is now a distant memory, but it and I coexisted for a year before it met its maker.  But that doesn’t mean I had to look at it.  I covered it with turquoise peel and stick “tiles” from Home Depot.  These faux tiles hid the ghastly “accent” tile previously owners had lovingly installed so I wasn’t tempted to sledgehammer the whole room just to eradicate the fruity-ness. 

See more "before" shots hereAnd more pictures of the kitchen now, here.
Can you spot the turquoise squares?


Ahhhh, new tile.
What tricks have you used to temporarily hide the uglies before a reno?