Yay Print by TheLightFantastic - $8

Wire Chairs by TheVintageSupplyCo - $800

Tufted Stools by fabulousmess - $695

Platform Bed by robray - $1750

Christmas Ornament by RobertaGrove - $16
kay, so today's Etsy picks are quite indicative of my decor A.D.D., but hey... at least they show my true colors. I'm not gonna lie... I looooove mid-century AND I loooooove boho chic (as you are probably well aware of if you follow this blog!). I cannot make up my mind enough to stick to just one look. I don't like the pressure! Argghhh! So, I've decided that nothing looks as awesome and divine as mixing the two. The platform bed above with some Anthro bedding and those fabulous tufted stools scattered throughout the room? Come on! Genius. : )
Anyone doing anything exciting and fun for Thanksgiving? I can contently say that I plan to do nothing more than lay around and stuff my face the rest of this week. : ) No calorie counting for me this week! Although I know the guilty thoughts will plague me as I reach over for the last bit of stuffing. Mmnnnnn.... : ) I do hope everyone is having an amazing week so far. Toodles!
Happy Decorating!