I've been pretty busy with work lately, but still found time to fit in our annual pumpkin carving... Nice outcome, eh?

Hard at work!

What I like to call my "Martha Stewart moment". I don't have many of those, so take it all in... : )

Yes... I make my husband pose with Mr. Pumpkin. : )

Our Chloe seemed terrified of Mr. Pumpkin and the camera! Too cute a picture not to throw in here!
So... where have I been lately? Geesh... good question. To be honest, I'm not even sure! Between celebrating our wedding anniversary, wrapping up the first quarter of the year at work, and carving a pumpkin, I'm not sure where the days have gone! Thankfully, they've all been consistently wonderful and for that... I am grateful. Thank you all for your patience between posts! I will try my mightiest (is that even a word??) to get you some Mid-Century Monday, Etsy Tuesday and Boho Wednesday posts this upcoming week. Until then, have a wonderful weekend. Live in the present. Take it all in and be positive. : )
Happy Decorating!