I'm not going to get all philosophical this Friday. I really wanted to post this for one simple reason: it made me laugh when I saw it and that's good enough for me. I love the idea that God (or whoever or whatever you believe in) has a sense of humour. That really appeals.
And I wish I'd had this as a poster when the kids were little...the words seem different when they don't come from you!
On a slightly more serious note, the first born and I were discussing this 'quote', and her take on it was this: when someone does something horrible to you, you don't need to seek revenge or retribution, get them back, play tit for tat. You can let it go. Simply because they've been 'seen' and the universe will sort it out. I like that too. We're looked after.
But mostly I think it's funny :)
Thanks so much everyone for a terrific week. Your comments are always so supportive, fun and an absolute pleasure to read. You make my day, every day.
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image from bits of truth