It's time to bid a sad farewell to Cuppie as he/she/it heads off from the tranquil townhouse...although it wasn't so tranquil for Cuppie this morning as the vampire slayer thought today was the day to take a swipe, try to swallow it...and be a complete nuisance while I was trying to take a photo of them together. You know...for old time's sake. That cat is beyond annoying.  So a photo of Cuppie and a magazine will have to do! Thankfully there are many magazines and only one cat in this place!
It was a bit difficult to choose where Cuppie should go next...but...and you know how this goes...there can only be one winner! And I've been sitting here tossing up between a few, and bearing in mind that Deb told me that being in Canberra is hardly seeing the real Australia (and because she lives here too she can say that without me getting offended!)...I've decided that Cuppie should see some more of our 'sunburnt country'...even though it's a bit soggy at the moment...before he/she/it heads off around the world some more. So, Cuppie is going Moerkabout. Deb's (a different Deb) fantastic caption to this photo...
was..."Quick close your eyes. Feral butterflies are launching an attack on your face and hair". Fun, clever and quirky...all the things I like.  The Moerks have just come back from several months travelling through central Australia, to the top end, down the west coast and back to they know what travelling is all about. Cuppie will be right at home!
And in other cupcake related news, the gorgeous Heather from A measure of...who passed Cuppie on to me, is having a really lovely giveaway, that despite wanting to win myself...I am compelled to share!  Go here or link up over on my sidebar. And also go and visit Diana from One Crafty Fox who started this whole thing off clever girl :)
So there you go...another Cuppie adventure awaits...can I come too!