Braxtons grandmother had a favorite cuss-word. Shit-ski-fiddle. That's right, shitskifiddle. Say it with me - shitskifiddle - fun right? She claimed it was German or something.
She would also - with all the innocence of a child - refer to the Fudruckers restaurant as "Fuckriders". Yep, she was a pip that one.
Anyway, what with this cold/flu thingy we've had - the last three days have been pretty damn shitskifiddle. We've been coughing, sneezing and throat clearing up the wazoo and have had absolutely no desire to visit "fuckriders" - no, it's been chicken noodle soup all the way.
There has been an upside to all this misery though. Sometimes when you have a head full of gunk and a low grade fever and are warm in your bed you can't help but think about how basically lucky you are. Know what I mean? It's a beautiful world when you're Tylenol stoned.
I know that next week will be better and we will be back to the pursuit of the damn happy. Until then, I leave you with:

Evil bunny.
This is my cat, bunny. She is very sweet but does not understand why I didn't feel like getting out of bed to feed and water her ass every five minutes. She would sit there all - I'd do it myself if only I had apposable thumbs. Good thing she's so adorable.
Grandmother. The original pip.
View from the bed.
Question that ran through my head a thousand times in the past three days; What the shitskifiddle was I thinking?

Have a great weekend everybody.