Nice, cool weather has finally made its cameo appearance in the bay area and I could not be more thrilled! : ) Now granted, it's only "cool" (about 70 degrees) in the morning and evenings, but still. We Floridians get all giddy and smiley when this weather comes about. Mainly because compared to the 103 degree weather we're forced to endure during the summer, this lower 70s weather seems like a blessing from the weather gods. Thank you sooooo much weather gods!! : ) So, as I contemplated today's topic, I thought about mugs. I love mugs. Probably because I love coffee or hot cocoa or a good tea every now and again... : ) In fact, I never go to bed without first warming up a nice mug of milk. I put one tablespoon of instant de-caf coffee in it and two packets of Splenda. Try it! It's my version of the Spanish "Cafe con Leche," which the rest of you may know as a "Cafe Latte." It's divine and does wonders to put you to sleep. But, it has to be de-caf!! Otherwise, you may be running around the house vaccumming at 2:00 am! So, what better than to have mugs/cups that match your mid-century style home/kitchen? I found the ones pictured above by simply browsing the Net. I would highly recommend mugs by one of my favorite designers... Orla Kiely. You can also find a few gems on Etsy. So... happy mug search! Have a wonderful Monday everyone! Muah!
Happy Decorating!