Set in Italy, a genius movie director struggles with writers block as the cast and crew of "Italia" are busy making a movie that lacks the first page of a script. This director has an impressive number of beautiful women in his life, and they sing and dance their musical messages on impressive sets. So far so good.
The cast is chock full of fantastic actors who do a good job acting...yet this movie, for all the sex and beauty and talent going for it, fails to stir my soul. I have no empathy for the characters. This movie should be a sensual ravishment like Moulin Rouge. It should be like a delicious hot Italian lasagna, but instead it's more like a slick magazine ad showing a mouthwatering dish - it looks delicious in the picture but it is stone cold, without much flavor, and fails to satisfy.
Not a total waste of an evening, but the movie was a big disappointment. On a 10 point scale, I give "9" a 2. It should have been so much more. I would give it a red light from a guy perspective and I would not recommend it for date night at the movies. I would not see it again.