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Whether you're a Pottery Barn fan or an Urban Outfitters fan, mid-century design has taken the design and retail world by storm and it can be found pretty much anywhere you go! I've seen the style at Target and Wal-Mart even! So, needless to say, it's classic. It's simple and chic. In this wacky, chaotic world, the last thing we want to do when we get home is look at a wacky, chaotic house. Albeit, some of us don't have a choice. But, when there is a choice... mid-century design just makes sense. : )
Life has been going very smoothly since closing the shop. I think I may have even reversed the aging process a bit! Less stress and more security in your life can do wonders! : ) I've also lost 15 pounds since!!! 15!! Unreal! I'm using CalorieCount online and it has worked amazingly well for me! So, everything on this side of the world has been filled with joy, much needed quietness of the mind, love and more love. : ) I really, honestly, could not feel happier and more at peace than I do. However, life has been busy (in a great way!!!), which is why I've had some trouble keeping up with the blog. I will continue to try my very best to write the blog each and every week... but I may skip days here and there. Thanks for understanding!! I hope you all are having a terrific Labor Day weekend. For those of you out of the country... that's just a major holiday in the U.S. when most folks get the day off from work. I did! I slept in until 11am!! Holy mac! It felt great though! : ) Have a wonderful week everyone! Can you believe it's already September??? Whoa! Where did this year go???
Happy Decorating!

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