It was such a beautiful weekend here in Virginia. Highs in the 80's - loads of sunshine - perfect. So, we decided to go up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and witness the great hawk migration, something we have wanted to do for years . It turns out that hawks actually fly quite high when migrating, and one really need binoculars to see them - and guess who didn't have binocs? embarrassing!
So, we decided to just enjoy the beautiful day.

This almost looks like it was taken from an airplane doesn't it?

The beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.

On Sunday Braxton and I decided to visit our favorite antique store. Around these parts "antique" refers to anything that wasn't made yesterday. We usually have pretty good luck finding mod things from the 50's and 60's here.

Such as this baby. I could so see this in my bedroom.

This we love.

Braxton loves the floor lamp in the foreground. Hummm - could be.

Love this little beauty. Would look great on a mod bar, no?

Perhaps I was beginning to get hungry, but these grapes just looked so.....juicy!

Adorable. Just my style. Unfortunately the wrong size.

Yes, I will have a martini.

This gorgeous thing was sadly marked "sold".

Would you like to see what came home with us?
Why would a couple who don't smoke need an ashtray? Because it's just so damn Don Draper that's why.

Remember the floor lamp that Braxton loved?

Now you know I have a mod bar of my very own. How about that martini?

Some extra pics of the parkway.

Sometimes I can't believe I live in such a beautiful place!

Hope you had a great weekend.