Can't believe I never saw this movie before! Great movie. Filmed in 1967, a young Dustin Hoffman plays a man freshly graduated from college and facing a future with great trepidation. Born into a privileged family, plenty of his parent's friends appear to be offering him job opportunities ("just one word...Plastics") but he is confused, he wants something "different".
Facing a second career myself, amazing how relevant his hope of carving out a different path is to me.
The movie was beautifully and artistically shot, well acted, and Dustin did a great job of pulling me into his character. Seems like a lot of movies fail the empathy test - live or die on the screen, and you really don't care. Not so with The Graduate.
The movie is such a classic, I can see where other movies have been influenced by this. Risky Business and Garden State come to mind. There was also an airport scene that seemed to have been knocked off and parodied by Airplane that made us both laugh as we made the connection. The score by Simon and Garfunkel was perfect.
Loved this movie! Often vintage movies don't hold up well, but this one does. I would see The Graduate again and indeed buy it for our collection. Excellent Date Night @ the Movies, movie. Great 60's movie for design inspiration. I give it an enthusiastic green light!