Welcome to another addition of date night movie review. This week Braxton and I saw the Tom Ford directed - A Single Man. Oh my.
The movie captures a single day in the life of a college professor played by Colin Firth who has suddenly lost the love of his life to a tragic accident. The professors lover happens to be male, but honestly I think the story would have unfolded the exact same way had the lovers been male and female. It's essentially a romance - a deeply moving love story - about a couple who just happen to be gay.
As compelling as the story line is, and it is, try if you can to pay attention to the interiors. Oh my my. I want to live inside this movie! The professors house is a perfect example of masculine mid-century decor, and his friends house (played by Juliana Moore) is a vision of feminine loveliness. I don't believe I could ever choose which one to live in. I think I need them both!
Bottom line - A Single Man is pretty much a perfect date night movie. Loved it! Did I mention their is a scene with a handsome Colin Firth swimming naked in a pool that was shot underwater! I know, right?