Last night at the Kennedy Center, I couldn't help but think how the building has grown on me in the last 8 years since I've moved to DC. When I moved here I thought it was the most hideous building in Washington, but now, I sorta like it! I've ALWAYS loved these Lobmeyr fixtures in the opera house, above. They look like jewelry in a box against all of that red velvet.
I also found out that the gold and red curtain at the stage, with its distinctive pattern, was a gift from Japan. First cherry blossoms, and then a 5 story tall gold curtain; Japan has been good to DC!
The Grand Foyer is enormous, but the scale of the architecture is so large that one doesn't even notice. Apparently it's one of the largest rooms in the world and I heard the Washington Monument would fit in here laying down with room to spare; really just insane!
Again, great glamorous mid-century chandeliers are really the jewels of the room. Generally I prefer a more classical space for concert venue, but maybe this modernism stuff isn't so bad?
all photos taken with my (unincredible) droid incredible phone.