Full disclosure: I am not religious. At all. I was raised in a Christian home where church attendance was NOT optional. As soon as I was out of the house I divorced myself from organized religion and we have both been happier for it.
2nd Full disclosure: Ok, there was that brief period of time when the girls were small that we thought it would be good idea to give them a taste of what their friends were experiencing every Sunday ( hay, this is the bible belt, yall) so we went to church. And Sunday school. OMG. It didn't take long before the church and I broke up once again, this time for good.
I'm not certain if my un-affiliation with organized religion has made me more or less open minded when it comes to other peoples choices - but I like to think that it makes me more. Which makes me wonder - what the heck is wrong with Bill Maher? He claims to be an atheist himself - all well and good - but this guy just won't give anyone a break! Religulous is basically two hours of snarky comments by Mr. Maher when he isn't setting everyone up to be the butt of his next joke. There are some genuinely funny moments such as the guy named Jesus who thinks he is the reincarnation of - you guessed it - Jesus. And the Christian stoners from the Netherlands who just stair at the camera looking all blissed out. And the tel-evangelist who explains away his bling and alligator shoes by saying "Jesus never said anything against rich people" - I guess the whole camel through the eye of a needle thing was just some sort of literary optical illusion.
Anyway, If your idea of "date night" is two hours of fairly obnoxious comments by Bill Maher followed by hours of stimulating debate/conversation with your date about religion, then this movie is for you. Otherwise, not so much.