Thanks so much for letting me know you like these top ten posts.
I had contemplated not doing them because a friend said she thought they were a bit boring...she said it very nicely though. 
I wasn't offended.
Isn't that the most stunning hydrangea photo?
So I thought about it...keeping these posts going I mean (not the hydrangea photo)
...and realised I was putting these images together for a reason... that I had a record of things I liked...
ideas I might want to use...and things I could share...
...all in the one place.
So, continue I will...[she says, channelling Yoda]
Crumbs I love that artwork!
And you will be pleased to know that I finished The Catcher in the Rye ten minutes before I had to leave for book club! I'll do a review in my Book List page when I recover!!