Hey guys I have a DIY project that I want to share with you. Braxton was able to get a whole stack of 2x3 foot metal panels from his office and gifted me with them. Luv that man. Anyway, as you can hopefully see they have lots of small holes in them and they apparently were intended to be used as shelving.
So, I experimented with painting a few of them. I painted two a very bright fuchsia and two a very bright orange. Then I hung them side by side in our bedroom. Using some small magnets that I had leftover from another project - I was able to secure some magazine pages and other photos to them and ta-da I have the worlds greatest story board. Don't you just love story boards?
The other photo above shows that I painted one panel with a union jack and hung it in my kitchen just for fun.
I promise I'll show you step by step when I paint the other panels.