What a frustrating day off! I have a new sewing machine that I am determined to love...once it gets its button hole action together that is. Grrrr.
I was trying to sew a cushion cover from this...
...glorious 50 year old Japanese Meisen silk I bought at the Craft and Art Fair in Canberra last weekend...a fabulous event that I forgot to take my camera to. Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking! The panel wasn't quite wide enough for a standard 46cm cushion cover so I bought some black silk to go with it.
This blue and cream silk panel (more Japanese vintage) will be teamed with the spotted fabric on the left for a bit of fun...
Because the button hole thingamajig wouldn't work (even manually) my friend Chris saved the day and did them on her machine, so I could finish the cover off...at around 7.30 last night I might add...almost a whole day to make one cushion...honestly! I do like the detailing on the back ...the buttons are very beautiful but the lighting last night was not my friend...sorry!
Still, despite the frustrations, I think it's rather swish and there'll be a matching one coming soon with the black panel on the opposite side. When I sort out the button holer!!
I'm also planning cushions made from this beautiful old orange and pink sari and the mauve silk. These cushions will have a piped edging.
And this is going to be my weekend project...I think that will be a bit of fun when it's done :)
Head on over to Kootoyoo for the creative spaces of crafty people who don't take all day to make one cushion cover!! Also linking up to Flaunt it Friday here. I'm off to Sydney for a meeting and hopefully a late lunch with the first born. Hope it's a good day for you too :)
all photos by me, not that they're that great!