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he Internet is a complete plethora of decorating and design ideas. I still love to thumb through a crisp new magazine issue, but I also love the convenience of the Internet in searching for decorating ideas. Flickr is a fabulous resource for design and decor and I highly recommend it. Check it out! : ) If you click on the pictures above, it should link you to the photographer's Flickr page. My search today was of images which reminded me of the boho chic look I love so much. The first pic is actually a shot of our living room. It's very much a work in progress. Since this shot was taken, I've put up the Beatles framed art I'd told you guys about a couple of days ago. It looks pretty nifty, cause it's the same yellow hue as our Eames rocker. : ) Remember to take your time when decorating your space and don't be afraid to look for inspiration in mags, blogs, picture sites, etc... : ) Have a great week and weekend everyone!
Happy Decorating!