A quick and easy project this weekend...but you should see the looooong list of others on my radar. Oh my, I need a month of Sundays!!
Sometimes we have beautiful pieces of jewellery that we don't, or can't wear. In my case, these (a bracelet and a necklace) were stuck in a drawer for different reasons and I wanted to do something with them.
This bracelet is kind of a family 'heirloom'...I remember this as a child and I'm not sure how I managed to end up with it, but I do know I've had it in my possession for a long time.
It's been in the 'treasures drawer' for ages...you know the one...alas, far too small to fit around my wrist. 
It's made of Australian threepences spanning the WW2 years, so it has some significance because of that...in my view anyway. I phoned my mother to ask where it came from but unfortunately she doesn't even remember it. I find that a bit sad. So I called my older sister who lives in Perth and she certainly recalls it. It seems we were both enthralled by it when we were young. She thinks it was given to our mother by our grandfather, who had it given to him by a mate. But as neither of our grandparents are still alive, and mum doesn't recall, that's a bit of conjecture. Still, in sits well with the dim dark recesses of my childhood memory, so perhaps it's right.
And this fabulous choker was given to me by my wonderful friend Chris (who shall now be known, for forever and a day, as the chandelier fairy). Alas, I loaned it to someone who didn't value it as I did and so the chain that was attached to it got broken and it can no longer be worn...but I think it looks rather lovely framed as well. Like something from an archaeological dig!
For the moment they're living in my bedroom and the study. But once I've painted the bedroom (now that the plastering is done...hooray!) they'll find a place on the gallery wall that I'm planning there. So a very quick and easy project...two pieces of jewellery, two box frames, two pieces of fabric...and voila!
Thanks so much for all the very lovely comments last week about my beautiful daughter. And all the others, especially, the ones that made me laugh out loud (these were invariably about the knitted dishcloth...oh you're such a funny lot!!). And Jules you cheeky monkey...Sibella so would knit one if she could...I'm sure of that :))
Have a wonderful week everyone.
all images by me