retro light by lauralights- $200

industrial stool by sevenbc- $80

Eames rocker by CoMod - $400

Danish modern chair by five6seven8 - $350

vintage yellow task lamp by luckylittledot- $55

H ow is your day going? I hope you're having a nice, peaceful Tuesday today. There are two reasons I like Tuesdays. One: It's not Monday & Two: I get to pick my faves from Etsy. : ) Amazing how much Etsy has grown since its inception. I remember years ago telling people about Etsy and no one had a clue what I was referring to. Now, people are telling me about it! I'm like " Yea, I know... : ) " My picks are pretty industrial today. I just have a major crush on that look. I always have. It's classic and never looks outdated. Just mix it in with something shabby and re-purposed and you got yourself an unforgettable abode. I'm going to play with the dogs now, have a little supper and then curl up for the finale of The Hills on MTV. Yes... I do watch it... religiously. Lame-o, I know. But, it's my guilty pleasure. That and chewy Chips Ahoy. So there! Until tomorrow!
Happy Decorating!

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