was perusing the wonderful world of blogs and stumbled upon Angela Parlange, author of the decor book, Creole Thrift. I immediately fell in love with her "look." So boho chic and delish. : ) I know a lot of folks out there are afraid of color. Most people stick to the neutral shades and that's okay, if that's your look. But, if you're making an attempt at creating a bohemian vintage abode, pale colors surrounded by blonde wood may not do the trick. Unless it's all paired up with some colorful pillows, moroccan poufs and colorful pendant lamps. So, the trick is to add color to your space. My advice to you? Don't add every color in the book. Unless, of course, you're going for the Ringling Brothers Circus look. (yikes!) Choose complimentary colors, but have one accent color that will really stand out. Red is always a favorite, as is turquoise. But, take a risk and do something different. Try orange or yellow. Purple is actually the "in" color at the moment and it's a very sexy shade indeed. So, you can't go wrong with purple. : ) I hope you're having a fab day! I'm cleaning up at our retail space and trying to sell things and clear the space out as much as possible before our final day. Remember... July 23rd is our final day! Only 7 shopping days left!!
Happy Decorating!

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