I have the best friends. One of them called me today and asked me if I'd like three (yes three) chandeliers that another friend of hers was throwing out! She is now known as the chandelier fairy around here as this is not the first time she's done a bit of chandelier wrangling for me!

Actually the friend's son was throwing them out but let's not get all factual. Oh Chris...thanks for calling...let me think about that for a nano-second...yes please!
There are two with five lights and one with three...

They're quite dirty, but nothing that a bit of soapy water won't fix. 

And Chris has even offered to help with that...the chandelier fairy has been promoted to fairy godmother!! Like I said...I have the best friends.
All I had to do was buy three good bottles of wine...one for each chandelier...doesn't get much better than that does it? Can you see some left over pink feathers from the frou-frou juju lying around on the table...sorry about that...
And sorry about the poor quality photos but I couldn't wait for daylight to take some snaps...I was so excited. So no styling in evidence here bloggy peeps.
They will be going in my living room...replacing lights like these...and I'm ever so glad about that!

Now, where's the phone number for the electrician?
1st and last images from here; others by me taken in a most excited state (i.e. they're not very good!)